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L'image présente six véhicules Cadillac dont le CT4, CT5, XT4, XT5, XT6 et Escalade en lien avec l'étude de qualité initiale JD Power chez Luciani Cadillac à Montréal et les environs.


Cadillac at Luciani: A Testament to Quality Confirmed by JD Power

The JD Power ranking, known for its rigorous evaluation of new vehicles, has recently crowned Cadillac's gasoline vehicle range, thus demonstrating undeniable success and affirming the Cadillac quality testament. This distinction, based on the number of problems encountered during the first months of use, directly reflects the exceptional manufacturing quality of Cadillac vehicles.

In 2023, Cadillac's flagship models CT4 and CT5 distinguished themselves by achieving 2nd place in their category, proving their excellence and reliability. The XT4 and XT5 models, for their part, brilliantly secured 3rd place in their respective categories, demonstrating Cadillac's commitment to superior quality and continuous innovation.

The pinnacle of this recognition was reached by the SUVs XT6 and the iconic Escalade, which triumphed by winning 1st place in their categories. These results are a tribute to the dedication and expertise of the entire Cadillac team, as well as to the unwavering trust of our customers and partners.

At Luciani Cadillac, we are proud to represent a brand that embodies the quintessence of luxury, comfort, and performance. Every Cadillac vehicle we offer is a living testament to the brand's commitment to quality. Our diverse range, from elegant sedans to robust SUVs, is designed to meet the highest expectations in terms of quality and customer satisfaction.

We invite our customers to discover this recognized excellence by exploring our selection of Cadillacs at Luciani. Experience the ultimate driving experience with vehicles that not only meet but exceed the automotive industry standards. At Luciani Cadillac, every journey becomes a testament to Cadillac's quality and excellence.