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Luciani Cadillac: Nouvelle Ère Luxe à Montréal

Luciani Cadillac: Nouvelle Ère Luxe à Montréal

Thursday, March 30, 2023, marked an unforgettable event: the launch of Luciani Cadillac in Montreal. With flair, Luciani Cadillac joined the prestigious Cadillac family in a memorable ceremony.

The GM Canada team, along with the media and 250 of our loyal customers, joined us for an elegant experiential evening marking this occasion at our dealership located at 4000 Jean-Talon West, Montreal.

The speeches were opened by the company's COO, Ms. Shirley Goncalves, who drew a parallel between marital life and business life, emphasizing that the choice of partner makes all the difference. François Hamel, Eastern Regional Director, praised Mr. Luciani and his team's deep understanding of Montreal's luxury market. Furthermore, with Cadillac's unprecedented support, Mr. Luciani envisions Luciani Cadillac becoming the leader in Montreal in 2023. Mr. Luciani affirms that with the backing Cadillac has provided him thus far, unparalleled among other manufacturers, he is confident in becoming number one in Canada! Finally, the speeches wrapped up with the eagerly awaited presentation of the Lyriq by Zain Kassam, a trainer for Cadillac.

Our family has been working in the luxury automotive field for over five decades. Our experience in luxury, combined with our enthusiasm for the brand's direction, has driven us to invest in Cadillac and its future in electric vehicles.

For the occasion, the Cadillac Lyriq, the brand's very first all-electric SUV, made a stop for the evening to highlight this unique event. Guests had the opportunity to explore the innovative technologies of this vehicle, which represents the brand's future in design, technology, and concept.

We look forward to welcoming you to our dealership to let you experience for yourself the difference that Luciani Cadillac offers.

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